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Summer Shoes for Him | the ultimate guide

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The warm weather is truly on its way; which means shorts, t-shirts and vests get the nod; shades are donned and baseball caps are everywhere.

But when it comes to shoes, it's always been a little trickier. There's a whole load of great mens shoes out there but for some reason, us blokes have always lacked the inspiration when it comes to pulling off awesome summer shoes. 

Do we turn up the trousers? Can we wear shorts and socks? How do we don a smart pair of shoes in the summer heat? What if we don't feel comfortable in sandals and flip-flops? 

We'll run you guys through our hottest summer shoes and the most stylish ways to wear them, in our ultimate style guide...

High tops are always on top

These Paul Smith Dino Sneakers are ridiculously cool. Inspired by the high-top basketball boot, they'll offer lightweight breathability as well as timeless style. Lace up to the top for a fitted look, or loosen the tongue for those really hot days.

The Dino detail is really what makes these sneakers, you'll certainly be the only one in your friends who has them, until the lads see yours...

Cropped trousers with a touch of style

 Cropped trousers

These Folk cropped trousers really bring out the best of the Clarks Original Weavers. A seriously all-time-classic-shoe, with its woven suede giving your feet room to breathe.

You can go sock-less, or wear discreet trainer socks with the tapered trouser style providing a summery, tailored look. This look is especially perfect for the British summer, where cloud cover is only seconds away. Enjoy cooler evenings in beer gardens, whilst your friends shiver in shorts. 

Alternatively, rock the weavers with a pair of cargo shorts and opened shirt. One of Meet Bernard's golden style tips this summer is to pair up an open shirt with a white tee, a great way to add layers when the breeze comes and it gives a distinguished look to any shorts and t-shirt combination. 

In the above look, we've opted for the YMC Nam shorts and Portugese Flannel linen shirt in a striking cherry colour way. 

Rock the desert 

This is a great look for your travels, especially if you're limited on shoe space. The desert boot is the ultimate all-rounder shoe, with it's lightweight soul and tan suede perfect for the warmer days but its full bodied shape and high-top lace up, ideal for a sudden terrain or weather change. 

The desert boot has always been one of our favourites and has always featured on the Meet Bernard shelves and the ankle-height sock (we've gone for grey here) really looks effortless. This is a really urban look and can be worn with shorts or tapered trousers, depending on those sun levels. 

This particular desert boot is the Desert Trek from Clarks Original, a brand renowned for their consistent quality. These beauties will be sure to last this summer and many more. 

Plimsole paradise


Pump, plimsole, sneaker; call it what you like but this lightweight beauty from Star Master is the ideal summer shoe and looks great with no socks and a tapered short. 

The plimsole is great if you're active and looking for a diverse summer shoe that can handle the beach, tennis courts, poolside and the nightclubs. The reinforced rubber toe box and high-quality canvas offer a superb combination of breathability and sturdiness. They look pretty sweet, too.

In this look, we've gone for a Norse Projects Harri seersucker tailored short, paired with a Folk Painters jacket with the Universal Works x Star Masters collaboration pumps to finish it off. 

A new take on a classic shape

Not all of you chaps will want to go without socks this summer and with the unpredictable nature of the British weather, it's wise to factor in some trousers like these looser fit Nam trousers from YMC

These super vintage looking high-tops from Spring Court are actually inspired by the Joy Division album Unknown Pleasures but the brand is also made famous by John Lennon on the cover of Abbey Road. So, if you want to channel your inner Beatle, these are the perfect pair for you. 

As with our other lightweight trainers, the Black Waves from Spring Court are ideal for the midday sun thanks to their linen uppers, or great for cooler walks along the sand...

Be brave

So there you have it, our top tips for dressing up or down with your footwear this summer. It's good to be adventurous, so if any of these looks are new to you but you'd like to give them a whirl, go for it!

If you're looking to be adventurous this summer and on the look out for some exciting apparel to pair up with your new footwear expertise, check out our piece on making a real style statement...


If you're interested in any of the looks we featured in our ultimate footwear guide, be sure to check out the products on our site, or drop by the store for some more Meet Bernard style tips!

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