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Inspired by the notion of bringing the world's best and most loved brands closer to home, Meet Bernard opened its Greenwich menswear store In 2006. The store blossomed into a thriving fashion hub for the South-East and with the opportunity to expand, Meet Bernard opened its womenswear 5 years later. Since then a Covid closure ensued and 2 new stores in East Dulwich transpired. They've been knocking around for a while. 

With a back-drop of East Dulwich, a slice of South-East that's steeped in culture, creativity and open parks, Meet Bernard began to encompass more than just being a retail store; it became part of the London community.

This naturally led to such a widespread array of customers, with diverse fashion and style tastes. We strive to give everyone friendly and honest service, in a minimal and modern space that presents awesome, high-quality fashion, which we're extremely proud to sell.

This is why we're so careful when choosing our collections, we select only genuine brands that we believe in, ones that offer lifelong quality and authentic style. We've built some wonderful relationships with some amazing brands and really buy into what they're trying to achieve. 

We want our customers to trust that the purchases they make are ones we'd also make. Our aim is for our customers to become more than customers, we want them to having a lasting relationship with the store and leave feeling more positive, more stylish and more comfortable than when they walked in.

Ryan & Daniela

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