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How to dress for spring in the rain

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With all this rain and snow hanging around, you’d be forgiven for wrapping up, donning a heavy jacket and throwing away all hope of flamboyance and style this Easter weekend.

We should be wearing floral pieces, cropped trousers and light jackets by now, right?

Well folks, worry not, because we’ve put together 5 of our favourite top-style tips on how to embrace your spring pieces, whilst keeping the snow at arms reach. It’s what we do.


Starting at number 5…


5) Layer up

You Londoners know the struggle, facing the brisk winds on the streets before being crammed into a sweaty tube carriage. A big coat just won’t cut it.


The answer is layers.

For her, we’ve got the beautifully detailed Paul Smith Ice Lolly Knit and the ever-stylish Camberwell Coat in leopard print. Combine these two pieces for a burst of spring colour and protection from light showers. 

Camberwell Coat, Leopard

                                           Paul Smith Ice Lolly Jumper



4) Colour your basics


The colder weather won’t budge, let's accept that. But here’s a great way around it, add something special to your staple items.

Swap your tired sweater for the Ganni Tulip Sweatshirt, a direct homage to spring but with a snug and cosy fit. The beautiful floral detail is exactly what you need to add a burst of colour to your staple pieces.

Tulip Sweatshirt by Ganni


3) Super suede shoes


 Suede is a wonderful creation, it’s smart, sophisticated and surprisingly breathable. It’s lighter than leather and takes far less effort to care for. With the colder days sticking around, a pair of Clarks Originals in light tan offer a smart and casual look that can stretch into the spring and beyond. Timeless. 

Clarks Originals


2) Stay Scandy


The Scandinavian style wave is still rolling and we’re in love with so many of the pieces that come over. The Scandy’s know how to dress it up in the colder months, looking effortlessly stylish despite the chill of the wind and frequent drizzling….

 For him, check out the ridiculously cool Coach Jacket from Danish based, Rains. This collared mackintosh jacket is seriously minimal and it’ll provide sufficient warmth in the colder days and open up for a lighter fit during the spring.

Coach Jacket by Rains

1) Don’t ditch the denim


 Ah, the old reliable denim. Our greatest and most reliable friend. Denim is suberb for this time of year, it’s certainly tough enough to protect you from the cold but it’s not too heavy that you’ll be feeling lightheaded on your morning bus ride.

For her, the Atara Denim Dress is a great opportunity to combine our tip number 5, by layering a sweater or long-sleeved blouse underneath.


Atara Denim Dress Rinse

There we have it folks! Your top five tips for beating the bad weather this spring. Stay stylish, stay classy and stay brave. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out our piece on making a real style statement this season.



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