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Armour Lux For Him, A French Classic

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Over the years we’ve had some beautiful brands under our little roof.

We’ve showcased some of the finest pieces and most authentic names from pretty much every corner of the earth.

We’ve had buys from Scandinavia, Central Europe, Southern Europe, Japan, North America, you name it; we’ve probably had an item from there.

That’s the beauty of our little store. Made in South-East London but a gateway to the world. If we love it, and we think you’ll love it, we do our best to get it in. We’re a melting pot of the world’s most authentic purveyors of fashion, lifestyle and clothing.

But we are selective. We get excited by a genuine backstory, a fat slice of authenticity that makes a brand just that little bit interesting and that little bit special.

Our latest buy, from a staple brand of ours, is from French fashion brand Armor Lux. We’ve been stocking these guys for years but we wanted to share a little bit about what they’re all about. 

These guys are really producing some gorgeous pieces and their story is mind-blowing, they’ve done it all. 

They were formed before the Second World War in 1931 and have since then gone on to be a French icon, launching fashion courses in Quimper, France, opening 50 stores in France alone and bringing high-quality, Breton inspired pieces to adoring fans and celebs.

They’ve done all of that whilst remaining independent, which is why we love them. They’ve got an established presence but they’ve always kept things in the traditional way and they still produce all their garms in Quimper, France where it all began.

It was started by a swiss chap called Walter Hubacher and was originally an underwear brand before moving beyond into gorgeous workwear pieces for both him and her. The pieces are timelessly classic, made famous by the great Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and James Dean; we’ll be stocking bits for all you gents over the summer months.

You can find our full Armor Lux collection in our Greenwich store and our wonderful staff will help you dress it up or down if you’re looking for style inspo. 

Beaucoup d'amour, (that’s much love to you none Frenchies)

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