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Preemptive Love Coalition

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Here at Meet Bernard we want to start giving a little bit back so we're pleased to announce our chosen charity of 2017...

The Pre-emotive Love Coalition are a 'global community of peacemakers' who 'confront fear with acts of love' by helping families displaced by war in conflict-zones like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, and Iran. They provide lifesaving heart surgeries for children, food and shelter for people persecuted by extremists, education for at-risk children, and small-business loans so people can start building a future again.

To begin with these families have nothing... They flee their homes with only their lives and the Coalition starts with the basics: food, shelter, hygiene kits access to clean water. Once the essentials are covered they start to explore the work opportunities for the families and getting their children to school. The Coalition have empowered families by giving small business loans to help them start businesses making soap starting fruit stalls or home bakeries.

To date they have performed more than 1300 life saving heart operations for children in Iraq and Syria. Not only that but when the surgical teams are there they provide training for local doctors and surgeons as well as resupplying vital medical supplies. They also provide care and rehabilitation for ISIS victims and their unique needs which include clinics, prescription medication, physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as trauma counselling.

We really think this is a fantastic cause and these people really are making a difference on the ground to these families who have lost so much.

We'll be asking for a small donation at our till with a collection point or you can donate directly here.

Spread Love,

Ryan & Dani



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