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Our South-East Tapestry

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Much like a splendid tapestry of woven colours, textures, threads and fabrics; the South-East of London is a beautiful melting pot of people, culture, taste and opinion. We love it. We’re proud of it. And we want to hang that tapestry proudly from our rafters. So, here’s to the world….

From Brockley to Greenwich, Dulwich to Camberwell; you can experience the whole world in all kinds of manifestations. Taste the finest roast coffee from Gambia in one of the many independent coffee houses, get a taste of South-Asia from the numerous Vietnamese joints or even indulge in French Fromage at quaint bistros. You can enjoy Turkish Shisha on a sunny evening, wake with a breakfast of Israeli Shakshuka or dine on some of the city’s finest Japanese Sushi. Kit your house out with Danish design and even stock your wardrobe with pieces inspired by Korea, Scandinavia or the Alpines of the Yosemite trails.

Look around you. If you’re ever in Greenwich market, take a second to absorb your surroundings. Really stop and take it all in. Breath in the diversity.

It’s the whole world in a beautifully balanced microcosm. Folks from all around the world descend on our humble corner of the Big Smoke to enjoy everything that is has to offer, bringing their own story, leaving their own mark and weaving their own piece of the tapestry.

We’re at that summer point in our tapestry tale and events around the South-East bring people from every corner of the globe. Each year, the South-East of London hosts musicians, artists, performers, retailers, foodies and every single one of them weaves their mark in a different way.

In July we’ve got music on the meridian at the wonderful Greenwich Music Time (Chic and Nile Rodgers will be there). At the Royal Naval College, BBC Proms gets set to debut at a car park in Peckham and the Silver Screen Sci-Fi launches at the Royal Observatory in it’s stunning Planetarium…

At Meet Bernard, we try and do our bit to bring the best of the world to the heart of the South-East. We of course champion the best of British with wonderful brands like Saucony and Paul Smith, we showcase the finest from America's outdoor culture with Carhartt and Redwing and of course, seriously represent the best of Scandinavia with our Hay Design and Norse Project collections. We also feature a touch of Japan with our Edwin pieces and a slash of Europe's finest with Folk, Fabienne Chapot, Rains and a fair few more. 

At Meet Bernard, we’re contributing our own threads to this flowing South-East tapestry, a stitch here and there, bringing some of the world’s most adventurous and loved fashion to the heart of Greenwich and beyond. Drop by, say hello!

Great to Meet you..!

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