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The last trace of summer

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September is here and it’s fair to say we’re all still firmly set in that summer state of mind. Hawaiian prints still float through our minds, wafting scents of barbecued meats still grace the weekend and beach getaways are still definitely on the cards. We’re certainly still trying to sneak the barbie out wherever possible and probably like most of you, still clinging on to our summer memories.

Intriguingly… style, fashion and outfit choices have always been so closely intertwined with the season, climate and day to day weather. Think about it. The weather dictates what you wear more than anything else. The fashion world is constantly inspired by - and usually drawing from - the elements around it. Winter brings quilting, goose feather down jackets, long-sleeve heavier shirts and of course, woollen hats and scarves. Summer brings thinner, cleaner styles, vests, tee’s, open neck shirts and sunglasses.

But that time of year when summer slinks ever so slowly away, is very, very special. And here at Meet Bernard, as we enjoy the last days of the warm, warm months, we look towards some wonderful pieces that still embrace the summer haze but are sure to grace our wardrobes and rails deep into winter.

If you drop by the store you’ll notice a real kick of colour. To reflect this transitional time of year, we have a palette to match. The deep olive green and white sole of the new Clark’s Wallabee Gore-Tex gives a real freshness to our new shoe wall, as do the equally popping Oak coloured Trigenic Flex. The vibrant yellows and purples from the recent Carhartt and Paul Smith drops really add a colour flare to our autumnal buy and keep a firm nod toward the summer days.

For her, the beautiful Fabienne Chapot Allie Blouse is an ideal piece for this time of year. Elegant, flowing and light to the touch, this vintage inspired blouse still has a summery vibe with it’s tassel cut and will look dazzling on that last gasp holiday to the Maldives.

For him, You Must Create (YMC) our favourite, British designers who are too damn cool for school, have dropped a ridiculously (and we mean, ridiculously) sleek, Japanese inspired, down jacket with a soft cotton finish. Light, and with a tailored style, this piece would look dashing as a layering piece, or even with one of our dope Carhartt WIP thick cotton tees. Speaking of which, keep your eyes peeled for that brilliant yellow pop as you enter the store. 

We’ve also had a fresh drop from Paul Smith and his Damien Hurst-inspired Jaws Tee. This the perfect print piece to either be worn on its own, or under an open shirt, like our electric-blue Teca Shirt from Portugese Flannel . This unique PS tee is another great piece for the time of year, carrying some serious colour and vibrance to match this late September sun.

For those who still can’t let go of the summer boldness, the good news is, you don’t have to. The transition from summer is a superb period to really express your style, to stay bold with your print choices and embrace the electric blues and burnt oranges that sprinkle our store. Embrace the quirky detailing, our autumn drop is all about it, like the zebra print Faulkner shirt in the new Ganni range. Drop by the store to get a sneak peak.

So, as we turn the corner on the heatwave but still revel in the last days of sun; we take a minute to reflect and appreciate a monumental few weeks of chilled lagers, inflatable flamingos, campsites and festivals, swimwear and short-sleeved shirts, last minute world cup goals, Prosecco on the balcony and sheer British sunshine. Summer, it’s been awesome.

The Meet Bernard team.

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