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Let the Festivities Begin...

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As that time of year saunters ever closer, the nights draw a little darker and Christmas starts to form on everyone's lips; we’ve given our Greenwich store a festive style up. A real dash of the Chrimbo chic. But don’t get us wrong, we’re not going full Christmas quite yet.

London is littered with so many Christmas displays that you’ll struggle to head into town without being blinded by fairy lights or towering tree displays with wall-to-wall tinsel. We love the sentiment, but it’s not quite us.

We wanted to keep things a bit more elegant, more scandi chic than winter wonderland.

Inspired by the Christmas windows of Parisian gift shops, we’ve curated a window dressing that really reflects our winter buy and some of the hidden gems you’ll find on the other side of the glass.

We made some vintage style swings which you’ll spot we’ve used to showcase some of our latest and greatest additions to the gift buy, keep your eyes peeled for our wish list for more details of that.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the window, be sure to drop by, even if it’s just for a touch of window shopping.

We’d like to use this as a chance to thank our Meet Bernard family for your continued support in supporting the independent scene, there’s a great cause being flown around the socials and championed by fellow indies Mercantile London and The Dressing Room (thanks so much guys), check our Insta if you're curious. 

Being independent we get the freedom to listen to you lot and get the creative bravery to make our window dressings feel like us.

Much love, The Meet Bernard Crew x

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