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New Faces: Meet Our New Brands For Autumn

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We’ve noticed a bit of a nip in the air, have you? Autumn is here! And as the end of the year draws near, it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. There’s plenty of divine new brands and collections coming through the doors here at MB just in time for the change of season – let’s take some time to get acquainted with them (before they come home with you from inside one of our shopping bags). 

20 years of menswear experience lead Kestin Hare back home to Scotland, where his namesake brand was born. KESTIN blends innovation with tradition in a truly exciting way, making menswear that perfectly straddles the line between functionality and style. Their focus lies in quality above all – responsible manufacturing is key to this, with over half of every collection being made completely in the UK, and with only the best fabrics and the finest cuts. This is precisely what's meant by 'elevated basics': pieces you'll want to wear every day, with a little something special to set you apart.

Straight off the ever-so-fashionable streets of Denmark is MUNTHE (pronounced ‘mun-duh’, if you were wondering), womenswear that’s consciously designed with women in mind: they offer a broad range of pieces that are undoubtedly unique and effortlessly versatile, taking you from home to the office to your night out with great ease. Best recognised by their beautiful hand-painted prints (like the one used in the stunning dress) and feminine silhouettes with distinct details (they know a thing or two about re-working a t-shirt), MUNTHE perfectly exemplifies what any confident customer wants in her wardrobe. (Lucky for you, we've got some pieces from them available now, have a look HERE – more to come soon.)

In a time where everything’s getting faster, including fashion, we’re a big fan of slowing things down. Enter Uskees, a truly unique UK-based brand that makes top-quality, effortless workwear essentials from organic materials that are designed to last a lifetime. And if they don’t? Have no fear: each purchase comes with a mini-repair kit, so you can reattach that button and neaten up those loose threads yourself. If a problem’s too big for you and your needle and thread to handle, they’ll take it back, fix it up, and return it to you themselves. Fast fashion has been king for too long’, their manifesto tells us. The king is dead – long live Uskees.

So much more than just another fancy knitwear brand, Absolut Cashmere is dedicated to effortless style, quality materials, and ecological responsibility. All their cashmere is produced themselves from their workshop in Inner Mongolia, and they work with local farmers and tradesmen to ensure a greatly reduced environmental impact from their process. A happy workforce, a happy landscape, and happy goats (who appear all over their website – cute!) all make for happy clothes, and these knits couldn’t be happier: neon-bright colours in super-soft cashmere wool that make for a perfect bundle of steadfast, staple knits that’ll you’ll be heartbroken to part with come summertime.  

Howlin’ has got roots all over the place: an Antwerp-based knitwear brand with a Scottish slang name and a workforce in Ireland! The two brothers behind this brand make timeless yet playful products filled with care and an eye for detail. All their jumpers are 100% wool, individually manufactured by old school craftsmen in our aforementioned neighbouring nations, and all of this is done in the name of a very, very good knit. Off-beat colours and patterns and quirky product naming choices abound, inspired by a love of music and popular culture (and really just whatever they find amusing). We think we’ve found a bit of a fashion kindred spirit in them.

That's just a few, but we promise, it's only the start! Take a gander at our new in items (men's and women's!) for the stuff we might've missed, and keep an eye out on our social media for any more glimpses at whatever's next. We promise we'll keep dressing you well right into winter.


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