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If you know Meet Bernard, you’ll know we love our home to look as great as our wardrobes which is why we’ve been growing our collection of homeware in both our mens and womenswear stores. 

Latest to join the roster is Oregon- and California-based CLAYSTREET. The brand is a collaboration between Mudshark Studios’ ceramic production, and the art of founders Kat and Roger. The brand was born from ‘long days and hard work in hot, dusty studios,’ and pays homage to industrial settings, designs, and colours. Each piece is handmade in Portland, Oregon, and painted in Los Angeles, California, combining the city grit and natural beauty of its origins.

We love CLAYSTREET for its stand-out colours that still slots easily into any corner of your home. The artisanal craftsmanship gives these planters a satisfying hand feel and a unique look that’s both rugged and beautiful. Use them as plant pots, storage vessels, serving dishes, or whatever else inspires you – we know we will be. 

Meet Bernard is thrilled to bring this simple yet dose of America’s west coast to South East London.

Shop the CLAYSTREET collection here.

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