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Local Love Valentines

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We bet you didn’t know that Valentine's Day kicked off right back in the day and we mean right back in the day, to a more simple time in Ancient Rome...

It’s since become a pretty big deal, if a tad corporate. Chocolates, cards, flowers… the standard stuff and scrolling through Google results of ‘best date night in London…’  becomes the drill.

But for us, this Valentines is all about celebrating the local love with a special few in and around the South-East. Love is at the heart of what we do. We love our customers for supporting us and shopping small, we love our staff and we love what we do.

You’ll see plenty of big sloppy gestures flying around the cafes, bars and restaurants around town but as much as we get the sentiment, love for us goes way beyond the romantic kind.

We’ve always been backing the local love. From day dot. But this year we wanted to dedicate our Valentines, our big love shoutout, to some of the guys in our own back-yard but also shout out to some of the brands doing great things, in their local areas.

First up, we’ve always stocked these guys but a real MB love to the gang at YMC, a favourite on our coveted rails over the years and they’ve been doing bits in London since ‘95. Next, a relative newby to us but big love to Country of Origin who were founded in 2014 by Ben Taylor and Alice Liptrot and have occupied a small railway arch in South London, where everything is done in-house, from garment design to bulk production.

Closer to home but another MB heart to all the local foodie stalls in Greenwich market, these guys are popping off every weekend and serve some of the finest market food the world has to offer, check them. Our fave is the Elha Mediterranean food (

Finally, a mention to all our locals in the neighbourhood, those we brush shoulders with and grab coffee next to every day... We do this for you and because we love what we do.

Huge Love,

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