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How to keep your indoor style going outdoors

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None of us could have predicted a year where we’d barely leave the house, offering us little reason to get dressed up. But now, the idea of squeezing into denim or anything less comfy than a loose-fitting pair of tracksuit bottoms can feel restricting.

That’s why we’re looking for inventive new ways to bring our comfy at-home style outdoors with us as lockdown lifts. And no: we won’t just be heading out in our coffee-stained sweatshirts. We’re talking great new styles that look effortlessly on-trend, but feel just as comfy as the scruffier pieces we might have grown accustomed to in the privacy of the pandemic.


Carhartt Chase American Vintage Feryway Stine Goya Zaza Adrisa

Super-comfy style

If the dress code says casual, we’re staying casual. Thanks to brands like Stine Goya and American Vintage, sofa style becomes instantly street-ready with flattering fits and eye-catching prints. Nobody can say a yellow zebra-print tracksuit was meant to be worn at home… And if you’re not used to making such a statement anymore, just find a fresh tee in a sweet seasonal tone that will lift your sweatpants from slouchy to socially acceptable territory.


American Vintage Tineborow Carhartt Tom Krol

The next comfy style step

We know not every laid-back occasion allows for tracksuits, so the next step into just-as-comfy-but-not-quite-so-casual dressing calls for colours and prints. Boiler suits have secured their spot as a comfy classic that you can do just about anything in – from shopping to socialising to the school run. The roomy fit is perfect for moving around, and an olive green style hits all the marks for a super-stylish post-lockdown wardrobe. In high summer you might prefer something less covered, so opt for a pair of loose, comfy shorts with a subtle print. A monochrome palette will help these laid-back pieces feel considered, especially when paired with box-fresh trainers.


Carhartt Tab Sessun Battersea Sacre Coeur Simone Munthe Drawstring Pinstripe

Something slightly smarter

Keeping comfort levels high when you can’t go into full slouch mode can be a challenge, but here’s where we compromise. Pick a favourite at-home piece, like your long sleeve tee or trousers with an elasticated waist, and pair them with a piece that looks a little more considered. Loose-fitting jeans or a light shirt worn open cast the illusion of a more dressed-up look.

So that’s our outfits covered for the next few months of socialising… We won’t tell anyone they feel just as comfy as your on-the-sofa style.

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