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Dopamine Dressing: Style Yourself Happy

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dopamine dressing

The January blues are real. The mornings are dark, it's baltic outside, and the month seems to drag on for eternity. But, we have a solution to help kick those blues to the curb, and it's called dopamine dressing.


What is dopamine dressing?  

Dopamine dressing can mean different things to different people, but ultimately it's about wearing clothes that make you feel great, and ultimately happier. 

Behavioural psychologist, Carolyn Mair, explained the science of this trend to Well+Good magazine, explaining that, 'Dopamine motivates us to seek a reward. So, scientifically speaking, dopamine dressing refers to a person’s motivation to dress in a way that will result in a positive outcome, like feeling more confident, competent, or happy'



For some people, wearing bright, bold colours is a guaranteed way to boost their mood. Karen Haller, a colour psychologist told Glamour that "Colour is a great way to lift the spirits and boost our moods in an instant. Our confidence can be boosted when we wear colours that we love and feel good in.'

Happy colours aka 'dopamine brights' including bubblegum pinks, popping reds and neon orange are popular choices as they express a sense of fun, excitement and joy.




For others it's about choosing items that are comfortable, functional and form fitting. The tactile feeling of clothes against skin can also influence the way we feel about ourselves. Softer fabrics make use feel cosy and comfortable - and comfort is key when it comes to feeling good - so it's important to select the right texture and experiment to find what works best for you.

However you choose to interpret it, we've gathered a selection of our go-to serotonin-boosting pieces that we think will spark joy and lift your mood!


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