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Boat Floaters - January

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Boat Floaters Meet Bernard

The January 2023 Boat Floaters playlist marks – blimey – five years since I began lovingly crafting these monthly musical meanderings for Meet Bernard. Time to celebrate; I’ll bring the soundtrack! 

Listen in to this 34-track selection for funky, upbeat tunes, with some all-time faves – including the opening track, The Peoples’ Workshop’s Why Do I Need an Education? And, next, who doesn’t want a Sunshine Holiday, especially at the moment? Thanks to Carolyn Franklin for allowing us to close our eyes and imagine the sand between our toes. The third song in this month’s selection, Sometimes by Shirley Nanette, is one of the the best finds I’ve had in ages. Stunning.

There is, as per usual, plenty of funk, soul and disco this month. But I do slip into higher gears at around the half-way mark. Nikitch and Kuna Maze are back, and always interesting to listen to. And after that comes Bayside by Obskur, which I first heard on a MB Instagram video. Class. We slow down the flow beyond that head-nodder, and conclude with a raw reggae tune, Never Let Go by Carlton & The Shoes.

If you connect with this unmixed selection then I think you’d enjoy exploring my Boat Floaters Mixcloud profile (see here), where you will find monthly two-hour mixes for Loose FM, plus upbeat (“waterfall”) and more chilled (“slow flow”) mixes from earlier in the year. 

Thanks for your support. Here’s to five more years of audio amusement via these Boat Floaters playlists. Wishing you health, wealth and happiness in 2023. 

Yours in music,

Ollie (Boat Floaters)

Listen to January's Boat Floaters here.

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