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Boat Floaters: September 2021

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September’s exclusive audio curation for Meet Bernard by yours truly – Ollie, aka “Boat Floaters” – is a 33-track journey into the sonic universe.

The 139-minute playlist launches with the brilliantly spacey Solstice by Brian Bennett. It’s from 1978 but is still wonderfully outer-worldly – hence why it’s recent re-issue feels timely. I’m pretty sure I first heard this on a DJ Yoda compilation, and I love the magical early-video-game-soundtrack feel to it.

There are other (speedier) nods to the planets in this month’s selection, including Medlar’s remix of Chip Wickham’s Interstellar, Galathea’s Dune, and LCSM’s re-work of Yelfris Valdes’ Full Moon.

This playlist rockets around other genres, including jazz, Latino, disco, down-tempo funk, Brazilian, and more.

My favourites this month include Ray Barretto’s Love Beads, I Need Your Lovin’ by Teena Marie (which I heard with Ryan at the recent Worldwide FM fifth anniversary celebration at Crystal Palace’s South Facing Festival), and the powerful Eu Nao Sou Causa, Sou Consequencia, from the inimitable Claudia.

I hope you all enjoyed your summers, and that the sun managed to wink at you.

If you enjoy this unmixed selection I would urge you to seek out my Boat Floaters Mixcloud profile, where there are both upbeat (“downstream”) and more chilled (“upstream”) mixes.

Thanks for your support.

Yours in music,

Ollie (Boat Floaters)

Listen to September’s selection now.

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