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Boat Floaters: March 2021

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 Every month we hand over the blog over to our playlister-in-chief Ollie, to tell you all about this month's musical picks.  Read on to listen, find out more, and enjoy.

Here it is: March’s Boat Floaters playlist for Meet Bernard – 33 tracks spanning 142 minutes chosen with you lovely folk in mind. This month the genre-scanner jumps around all over the place.
We start with Young Tiger’s Calypso Be, which playfully takes a bite out of Dizzy Gillespie and his bebop.
I had to follow it up with a song from the jazz trumpet virtuoso, and I opted for Unicorn, from 1977. It’s a horny piece of music, in more ways than one.
Track number three, the instrumental version of a naughty tune by Swedish nu-jazzers Wildcookie, is such a unique sound. I can’t get enough of Serious Drug.
There is plenty of newness this month. Including from Madlib – for me Two for 2 - For Dilla is the standout track of the recently launched Sound Ancestors, which was arranged by Kieran Hebden / Four Tet. 
I'm delighted to include my mates Emanative and Liz Elenzky. If you enjoy this version of Tea Leaf Dancers, check out their album that launches on March 5 (Bandcamp Friday, baby!). Nick’s dad was David Bowie’s drummer and his music is like nothing else – and I’m really pleased to see that he has convinced his incredibly talented partner, Liz, to collaborate for their first album together.
I needed to include David Hamilton’s Pisces Pace, with it being the time of the year for the fishy sign of the zodiac – I only know this because I’ve just celebrated my birthday.
I’m off to finish my cake now, but please do let me know what you think of March’s Meet Bernard playlist. You never know, Ryan and Dani might let me loose on my decks in the Greenwich shop once the third and final lockdown is broken (wink, wink) … In the meantime, if you dig my vibes, I’d like you to point you towards my Mixcloud page.
Wishing you peace, love and positivity for these last few weeks / months before we get the better of this cursed virus.
Yours in music,
Ollie (Boat Floaters)

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