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Boat Floaters: February 2021

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 Every month we hand over the blog over to our playlister-in-chief Ollie, to tell you all about this month's musical picks.  Read on to listen, find out more, and enjoy.

The surliness and aggression evident in Captain Sensible’s Wotthe opening track in the February, 30-song selection for Meet Bernard – resonates with how many of us feel right now.
After that purposefully confrontational start, however, the vibe soon calms, with a disco monster, Can’t Hold Back Your Lovin’, by Kano (no, not that one), followed by Waxist’s extended version of Brazilian Painel De Controle’s Relax, which is gracefully exotic.
A similarly cool, sun-kissed energy can be found on Parbleu’s newly launched Danse Cette Zik, and also Deep Down in Zanzibar by Afrodesia. Also the much-older Rio Corrente, from Guilherme Coutinho and Grupo Stalo captures the carefree-and-merry-at-a-beach-bar feeling I’m craving so badly.
On the subject of monsters, I needed to throw in Godzilla, by Zomby. It’s an old fave and one I would ideally be hearing at 3am on a dark, sweaty dancefloor with a few hundred other people.
I had to include a track that featured the late MF Doom, and his vocals on the recently released The Chocolate Conquistadors is a sweet reminder of his unique rapping talent. And on the subject of hip-hop, who can tell me who sampled Steely Dan’s Peg?
There are a couple of ace versions of classic tracks on this month’s playlist I have to mention: Devon Russell has a go at Move On Up and Kahil El’Zabar’s How Can We Mend a Broken Heart is stunning.
I do hope we have the chance to party, either in a dark room or on a beach, soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this latest selection. Thanks for listening.
Yours in music,
Ollie (Boat Floaters)
PS: For my latest mixes please visit my Mixcloud profile here.

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