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Boat Floaters - December 2021

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December’s upon us – how did that happen? With the prospect of the omnicron variant of coronavirus threatening to disrupt our opportunities to dance, again, maybe you want to fast forward another year.  For those who can’t time travel, here is this month’s frost-tinged Boat Floaters playlist, lovingly curated for Meet Bernard’s beautiful customers.

With snow a possibility, I had to start the selection off with a tongue-in-cheek track, which also happens to be very cool and sun-specked in vibe. Close your eyes and listen to D. Foe’sThe Heat, and you, too, will be dreaming of ordering a caipirinha as seawater laps the feet on the sand below your deckchair. Pah, we can but imagine.

Talking about Brazilian cocktails it’s a good time to mention a couple of the South American countries song that make it on to December’s 32-track playlist: Evinha’s Esperar pra Ver(thank you Mr Bongo!); and that is followed by the more recent rework of Canto Para Omolu – Obaluaye, by the Orquestra Afro-Brasileira, possibly the coolest band name ever.

Elsewhere, we all need more Little Beaver in our lives, and his Let the Good Times Roll similarly evokes a carefree attitude that will be possible at some point soon … Words matter, to me, to you, and to Tom Tom Club. Wordy Rappinhood, from 1981, has taken my heart this month.

Among the other tracks you will discover plenty of old soul, new soul, reggae, electro, rarities and oddities (step forward Prince Ozay) – as per usual.

Hope you enjoy this month’s selection, and make the most of your December. Enjoy the festive season, as much as possible.

Thanks for your support.

Yours in music,

Ollie (Boat Floaters)

Listen to December's Boat Floaters here.

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