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Black Friday? It's time for Give Back Friday..!

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Give Back Friday…our way

A lot has happened these past 18 months…with COVID19 and climate change having a global impact, cause and effect has been at the height of our consciousness.

Instead of buying into this weekend’s opportunity to make a “quick quid,” we are continuing to raise awareness on a reason or two to shy away, from the myth that is Black Friday.

Here at Meet Bernard, we are always driving a buy better initiative and giving a proper thought to every sale we make.

This means placing considered numbers against our orders when selecting styles from our brands and in turn encouraging you to buy just what you love – and not be enticed by perfunctory purchases!

A lot of you will know we honour a holding period on items to allow you to have a think.

We encourage you to bring in the jacket that you want to match our jeans with, or the dazzling dress that may look good with the mules in your bedroom closet – buy confidently.

It’s easy to be drawn in because “the price is right” but is the intention?

With the industry already contributing an attested 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of wastewater, it is our job to take small stands that can bring big results.

This year for Give Back Friday 25% of our online sales will go to Peckham Pantry foodbank, and to make it go a little further…we will match the donation of what is raised.

The Peckham Pantry are doing some amazing work right now with a mission to feed ANYONE living in food poverty.

For £4.50 its users can visit the purpose-built supermarket daily and do a shop for themselves or their family to the value of £20.

As the staff are provided by NHS’ St Guys and St Thomas Hospital, the real help is needed to keep the shelves stocked with a broader and healthier offering.

Last year over 2.5 million people visited a foodbank.

Help us feed those in greater need this year and join our cause, “Less haste, less waste.”


See you Friday x

* Update!We managed to raise a staggering £617.50!! Thank you for all involved in our on line sales over this time, very much appreciated...

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