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Boat Floaters - December 2019

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December’s here, and to herald the ever-nearing festive season here’s my 28-track present to you, you and definitely YOU

The 127-minute selection starts with a laid-back vibe, with 1990s hero Mr Fingers’ Survivor, and some Woody Shaw goodness. His Sun Bath is followed by the first 2019 of this month’s tunes, Greentea Peng’s Mr Sun (miss da sun) – and I do, too. Then comes The Frightnrs reggae version of the Etta James classic I’d Rather Go Blind – possibly my favourite track of the month.

There are so many other fantastic entries, though – at least in my opinion. More funk from Lynda Dawn, plenty of thoughtful down-tempo electro (Synthia, Jitwam, The Goods, Fouk and Moodymann), old soul shiz (Ambiance, Mark Capanni, and Barbadian Colleen Grant), Central American delight from Bro David, disco (Diana Ross, Clyde Alexander & Sanction, and Rhyze) and much, much more.

Towards the end of the month, with it being the fin de décade, I’ll complete a Boat Floaters best of the twenty-tens for you – but I would love your ideas. What has to make your list? Drop me a line on Twitter at @oliverpickup

Happy holiday season to you and yours.

Yours in music,

Ollie (Boat Floaters)

Listen to the playlist now.

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