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A toast to winter fashion: what to expect

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The nights draw in, socks pulled up, collars fastened, boots laced, scarves tied and hats donned: winter has arrived.

With winter glistening on the near horizon and the frost biting at our toes, we want to ensure you’re prepared for the colder-weather but only in classic Meet Bernard style. You know what to expect. This winter it’s all about Scandinavian chic, sleek muted designs and luxurious pallets of colour providing warmth inside and out. Inspired by Northern Europe’s minimalist style that celebrates everything communal, our Winter 2017 collection features plenty of signature pieces.

We’re stocked with a stack of wool knitted jumpers made with 100 percent lamb’s wool, a blend renowned for its ability to keep you warm and toasty in frosty conditions, but also for it’s serious comfort and versatility. Pair together with military green trousers from YMC (which, by the way, are on sale right now) and a strong pair of ever reliable Alice Boots from Grenson, you’ll confidently stroll through this dark and mysterious season without a trip nor stumble.

For those oddly cooler days, where the London fog rolls in and the humidity sets, button up with one of our uber-stylish Rains jackets. The Rains Alpine gives a modern twist on what is frankly a timeless look, a knee-length mackintosh. We also love their colour range, select from Moon, Rose, Teal and Navy.

Winter is actually our favourite season here at Meet Bernard, it gives you the opportunity to layer up and dress down, stay snug and effortlessly stylish. We want to help you find those ‘you’ pieces this season, the ones where you feel completely at home but also completely on trend. Orange is in. Take a sneak peak at our Folk Clothing jumpers for an authentic look this winter.

Whether you’re strolling out, or wrapping up by the fire; we’ve got you covered. A stylish piece makes an ideal gift with Christmas just around the corner, encourage your loved ones to shine this festive season.

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