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The MB Sale Edit: Womenswear

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Jumpers are no joke – here's three of our favourites, for whatever you're into. For the laid-back lass with a neutral palette, you can't go wrong with Folk's Highlight Crew and its timeless, tactile multi-tonal yarn. A more colourful addition can be found with Stine Goya's lightweight and lovely Sana knit and its eye-catchingly unique pastel camo print, but for an easy-to-wear, work-from-home wonder, you can't beat the comfy longline Emily cardi from Fabienne Chapot.


Left to right: Stine Goya Sana Camo KnitFolk Highlight CrewFabienne Chapot Emily Cardigan.



For the parties of the future – be they at home or out in the world, from a safe distance or surrounded by friends (we're hoping for the latter, sooner rather than later). Level up your 'going out top' with the floral pinks and reds of the high-necked, ruched Gestuz Elay blouse, the glittery goodness of Fabienne Chapot's Garden blouse, and the strikingly delicate (and super popular!) sheer Lana wrap blouse from Munthe's collection. More of a dress person? Go mini with classic silhouette of the button-front Country Dress from FC, or for a mid-length, you'll find plenty to love about the Arkadelphia Dress's elevated vintage stylings, courtesy of Sessun.


Left to right: Gestuz Elay Blouse, Sessun Arkadelphia Midi Dress, Fabienne Chapot Garden Blouse, Fabienne Chapot Country Dress, Munthe Lana Wrap Blouse



You'll never go wrong pulling from this collection of pieces: they're designed to be wearable whatever you're up to, and will keep you looking great all day. Munthe are stars of the t-shirt world with their bold prints, the sleeveless Laura tee and the distorted Lady tee adding a little extra to your favourite pair of jeans any day of the week. You can't beat a crisp white shirt, and Sessun's Mary blouse is a beautifully-detailed alternative to your average button-up – but for those who love colour, Fabienne Chapot's Mira blouse and its blue butterfly print is a must-have. Last but not least comes the modern classic that is the printed midi skirt – this peacock-patterned, dusty blue Claire skirt, also by Fabienne Chapot, helps you stand out in a sea of leopard print.


Left to right: Munthe Laura Tee, Fabienne Chapot Claire Skirt, Sessun Mary Blouse, Munthe Lady Tee, Fabienne Chapot Mira Print Blouse



Last but certainly not least, it's always jacket weather with picks like these: YMC's perfectly-pinstriped Alma jacket is a workwear staple perfect for spring days ahead, and would fit perfectly underneath the timeless, fleece-lined Sundance Parka from Sessun while we're still in the depths of winter. Speaking of timeless, you can't beat a trench coat: Gestuz's Mia trench takes a classic silhouette and an ever-chic tan colour and adds a modern twist with oversized details. And for those who love staying cuddly, the Laponia Teddy Jacket in its cosy cream shade will keep you snug for days.


Left to right: YMC Alma Jacket, Sessun Laponia Teddy Jacket, Gestuz Mia Trench Coat, Sundance Parka Coat.




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