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Meet the Maker: Milkman Candles

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Candles can have a transformative effect on an environment. Scents can be nostalgic, evoke special memories, lift the spirits and have a profound impact on our mood. Milkman Candles do all of this, and then some. 

They created scented treats that are ‘good for the body and soul’, blurring the traditional lines between masculine and feminine fragrance to create unique and distinctive aromas. From their environmental steer on packaging (it’s made from mushrooms) to their artisanal manufacturing techniques and delicious branding and designs, there’s so much to love about these candle-makers. 

We asked founder, Benjy to take part in our latest Meet the Maker and tell us a little more about how Milkman got started, their thoughts on fragrance and the designers they appreciate and admire.  



How did you get started in the candle-making arena?  

Milkman started as a project whilst I was at university, and then going into lockdown, the importance of space became so apparent that we decided to rebrand during the first lockdown in 2020. We spent months working with fragrance houses, designers, and glass specialists, to create a product we were truly happy with.

I also found that growing up with autism, I have always had a heightened awareness, and sensitivity to smell and fragrance, so it was important for me to create a product that carried the power of transportation but was not too overpowering or overwhelming.


Are there any brands or creatives that have influenced your practice?

We have always been quite fluid in our inspiration, and have tried not to limit ourselves to one 'style'. As we grow, and the brand grows, things are constantly evolving. However, we have always tried to highlight Milkman's more natural and sustainable elements, and we take huge inspiration from brands such as SATTA and Story MFG who have encapsulated that so seamlessly into their brand identity. 


meet the maker: milkman candles


How do you get started on a new scent? Do you know what you want to achieve when you begin or let the process take you? 

I think there are a lot of synergies between fragrance and space. One of my favourite things about fragrance is the way that different scents can change the way that you feel, and that completely crosses over into home design and space. The way that you dress your rooms and the pieces that you place in them, can really affect feelings.

We focus on creating fragrances that create emotions and have the ability to transport you somewhere else, there’s always a goal but never a path.


What does a typical day look like for you? 

Full-time work, friends, cycling and general life mayhem…


How would you describe your products in 10 words or less? 

Our slogan is “Goods for the Body & Soul” and we really do believe that they are.


You’re based in Bristol, can you share some of your favourite local Bristolian haunts with us? 

Being Bristol based, we're pretty biased that it's an amazing city to live in. It inspired one of our most popular candles - The Midnight Hour. We're lucky that whilst it is a creative, bustling city, we are also only a short walk, drive or cycle to some amazing green spaces.



Are there any UK-based creatives or brands that we should know about?

We have worked with some fantastically talented designers over the years. We have to give a special mention to Anna Mills (@annam.lls) who worked with us through the early days to really help shape the vision we had for the brand, and Harry Wright (@harry.designs) who is the brains behind our matchbox designs. 

There are so many designers and creatives who have made their mark on Milkman and we wouldn't be where we are without them.


Is there anything else you’d like to share?

The business has grown considerably in the last year, but we always make sure we’re sticking to our original plan and ensure we don’t rush products out. For now, we’re happy with our current range but I’m sure we will come across something amazing and start working in the near future!



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