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Ancient Traditions for an Everyday Essential

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One of the things we really love to look out for when deciding what to stock in our Greenwich and East Dulwich stores is a great story. It’s really special to come across a brand with history and a message. One of the new faces on our roster for Autumn/Winter 2020 has an especially great one. 

Shoes Like Pottery emerged from Japan’s MoonStar brand – in 1873, MoonStar started life in a rural city named Kurume and emerged as one of the earliest producers of the tabi, a piece of traditional Japanese footwear with an emphasis on a rubber sole (and keep that sole in mind – we’ll get to it). 



A whopping 135 years of expertise lead to the creation of Shoes Like Pottery, a riff on their classic pieces which harnesses ancient technique and modern tech to create what we think is the platonic ideal of a plimsoll. 



What makes Shoes Like Pottery so special, and what makes their kicks a worthwhile investment, is the ‘ka-ryu’ process – a riff on what we know as vulcanising. Essentially an elite medium in the art of shoemaking, each shoe is, literally, treated like pottery – they’re fired in a kiln, causing a reaction between the sulphur and the raw rubber used to create the shoe’s sole, and creating a natural elasticity that’s comfortable, malleable and resilient.
And it’s not just the soles that are worth writing about; the rest of the shoes are hand-sewn by Kurume craftsmen using only the highest quality textured fabric. These skilled creators pull the whole thing together themselves, and this process is impossible to do by machine: each pair they make, and each pair we stock, is crafted, lovingly, by hand.



What this all results in is a truly great pair of shoes. Shoes Like Pottery are timeless and versatile, designed for everyday wear in a truly unique way.  Every pair is special, and that’s what we value here at MB.

We can’t promise ancient Japanese shoemaking wisdom, but we can promise great style. Why not come on down and try some on?

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