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Meet Mizuno

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Japanese style has secured its place in the contemporary fashion scene, but some of the brands that paved the way have been around much, much longer – over a century, in fact. Founded in Osaka in 1906, Mizuno started out making baseball shoes and clothing in an effort to increase the sport’s popularity in Japan. Now, it makes some of the most reliable sports shoes around, but you don’t need to be in marathon training – or even heading out for a 5K – to wear them.

Mizuno sky medal trainers

Mizuno’s trainers have a classically sporty feel, but rather than the fluoro colours and bulky shapes that some specialist shoes lean on, you’ll have no trouble fitting these into your day-to-day wardrobe. And the best bit is, you’ll know your feet will be comfy, supported, and effortlessly cool.

Check out our full collection of Mizuno trainers here, or at our North Cross Road menswear store.

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