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Meet Bernard Recommends: South London’s Best Parks 

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At Meet Bernard, we’re lover’s of the great outdoors. They were a refuge for us over COVID – remember when government-approved ‘daily walks’ were a thing? – and luckily for us, South London is full of green treasures.

They make our local area the special place it is – a leafy sanctuary in the big city. So, as those leaves turn from green to orangey-brown, we wanted to share some of our favourite local parks. They're not just for summer, after all.

Crystal Palace Park 

crystal palace park

Originally created as a Victorian pleasure ground, Crystal Palace Park is one of the most famous parks in South London. It's a great place to bring the little ones to see the full-size models of dinosaurs that are dotted around the various lakes, providing a fun and educational experience to your stroll.

And for the less prehistorically-inclined, there's Italian gardens, mazes, skate parks, and an athletics club. Crystal Palace really isn't your average park, which is why it's one of South London's worst-kept secrets.

Greenwich Park 

greenwich park

A trip to South London isn’t complete without a trip to Greenwich Park. It boasts gorgeous views across Canary Wharf and the city, which is offset by its herd of free-roaming deer; a magical view on a misty London morning. 

Greenwich Park is, in fact, the oldest enclosed Royal Park in the UK, and was graced by the likes of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII themselves... Before it all went south, that is. 

A walk around Greenwich Park is a necessity after visiting Royal Greenwich Meridian and Cutty Sark. Be sure to check out the Observatory, if you can make it up the hill!

Dulwich Park 

dulwich park

The leafy, well-landscaped Dulwich Park used to be farmland up until the 1890s. Today, we think it's one of the prettiest parks in South London. 

This well-manicured treat includes both a dry garden and a winter garden, with a boating lake with rowing boats and free tennis courts. So if you're every stuck for picnic spots or need a way to wile away an afternoon, you could do much worse than the gem that is Dulwich Park. 

Nunhead Cemetery 

nunhead cemetery

The name might sound macabre, but Nunhead Cemetery is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully unusual spots in South London. It is officially a nature reserve, and woodland has taken over large portions of the cemetery, with wild ivy creeping along the walls of the church and statues. 

On a summer’s day or an atmospheric autumn afternoon, a walk around the Nunhead Cemetery is nothing short of magical.

Brockwell Park 

brockwell park

Brockwell Park is a staple for any green space enthusiast. Whilst you may find a litany of festivals happening here over the summer, in the winter the park becomes a wanderer’s paradise. 

The walled garden is home to a wide array of unique flora, whilst the BMX track will get your kid’s blood pumping. It's also home to everyone’s favourite London Lido, along with a community greenhouse which can be hired out for events. 

Peckham Rye Park 

peckham rye park

Last but absolutely not least, our local favourite Peckham Rye Park boasts a cafe, adventure playground, skate park, green gym, bowling green, and community wildlife garden that will keep you entertained for a whole weekend if you need it. 

These parks make South London the special, green place that it is. Treasure them, respect them, and don’t take them for granted! 

Did we miss out any gems? Let us know! 

As always, with love, the MB family x 

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