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Meet Bernard loves: Japanese Style

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At Meet Bernard, we take on an eclectic range of influences from around the world in our collections, and one of our longest-standing fashion love affairs is with Japanese style.

With the eyes of the world on Tokyo for the delayed 2020 Olympics, we thought it was time to shine a light on the amazing homeware, clothing, and lifestyle brands that come from the country known for its exquisite craftsmanship and unique sense of style. 

From street fashion to home decor, Japanese style has its own distinctive look, blending the subtle and delicate with the outright avant garde. We truly believe that Japanese style can cater to every taste and shape. So go on, have a scroll through our top Japanese brands in store right now.  


1. RoToTo socks

Rototo socks


You can count on RoToTo for the ultimate comfort sock. Produced in Nara Prefecture, these socks are crafted through a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art techniques to produce these quality, durable socks.

RoToTo socks are designed to not only last for decades, but remain comfortable for decades too. It's an unusual feat in the sock market, that’s why love them so much at Meet Bernard. 


rototo park crew socks


Explore more RoToTo socks.

2. Hasami Porcelain

hasami porcelain


The people at Hasami Porcelain know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to homeware. Named for the historic town of Hasami, where locals have been crafting porcelain almost 400 years, the brand still uses these same, traditional glazing techniques today. 

We love Hasami Porcelain’s soft textures, modern lines, and subtle aesthetic. Through a blend of natural stone and clay materials, the outer texture of Hasami Porcelain adds that extra tactile sensation that finishes off any meal or drink. 


hasami porcelain mug and bowl

Explore more Hasami Porcelain styles. 

3. The H.W.Dog & Co.

The H.W.Dog & Co.


Put simply, The H.W.Dog & Co. make really good hats. Combining Japanese craftsmanship with vintage American styling, their collections are both timeless and iconic. From wide-brim fedoras to baseball caps, all The H.W.Dog & Co.'s hats are made on traditional wooden molds and show how classic styles can easily be adapted for contemporary wardrobes. 


The H.W.Dog & Co. havana roll cap and d cap

Explore The H.W.Dog & Co. styles.

4. Tamanohada

Tamohada soap


Tamanohada has been in the business of making high quality soap since 1892, making it one of Japan’s oldest soap companies. They started with their trademark sphere-shaped soap, which fits perfectly into the clasp of your hand. They've since branched out with their now-iconic bream fish-shaped soap, made using a wooden a Japanese technique called Rakugen. 

What’s more, these soaps are made entirely from plant-based materials, which helps protect both your skin and planet. What’s not to love? 


tamanohada ball soap and fish soap

Explore Tamonahada products.


Want to find out more about Japanese style and the wider range of Japanese brands we stock at Meet Bernard? Drop us a line, or pop in to see us at Lordship Lane or North Cross Road, where we can give you a whistle-stop tour in person.

And you know of any brilliant Japanese designers or brands you’d like to see in stock – we’re always open to suggestions! 

In the meantime, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in store. 

With love, the Meet Bernard team x

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