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MB Recommends: South East London’s restaurants part II

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Welcome to the second instalment of Meet Bernard's guide to the best restaurants in South East London. As you know, we love to celebrate the independent hustlers who work hard to put delicious plates on our table and beautiful restaurants on our streets. Last time we covered everything from sushi to to masala to pub grub, but there's so much more to love to share in the South London food scene. So without further ado, let’s tuck in. 

Taco Queen Peckham

taco queen peckham

Taco Queen make the best Tacos in South London: hands down. Their taco’s cover the basics, and they cover them well. Baja style fish, succulent buttermilk fried chicken, and slow-cooked steak and oxtail are mouth-watering staples for the carnivores, while the aubergine and pumpkin tacos are perfect for the plant-inclined diner. And top it off, you can even finish with an ice cream sandwich. What’s not to love? 

Forza Wine, Peckham

forza wine london roof bar

Forza Wine is off the richter scale when it comes to ambience. In our minds, frozen Negroni’s, grilled flatbread, and astonishing views over moody Peckham is a deadly triple threat. Of course, the star of the show is the eclectic selection of natural wines; there’s something for everyone, from seasoned sommelier to the enthusiastic novice. All in all, Forza Wine get a big Meet Bernard thumbs up. 

Babur Brockley

babur indian brockley

Babur Brockley is something extra special. With a relatively unassuming exterior, the food itself may shock in terms of delicacy, authenticity, and pure flavour. What we love about Babur is that you can attend private tasting sessions to shape the menu yourself if: Meet Bernard loves culinary democracy. And if you fancy a cosy night in front of the television, then they’ll deliver the goods to your door.  

Oiwai Sushi, Crystal Palace

oiwai sushi crystal palace

Oiwai translates to ‘Celebration' in Japanese, which is apt for how you'll be feeling once you discover these unassuming, authentic dishes. The sushi is a testament to quality over quantity, as any good quality sushi should be. But beyond that, the noodles, curry bento, and rice dishes are to die for. As a delivery-based restaurant, be sure to have Oiwai’s number saved for when you can’t face the kitchen. 

And that note sums up the Meet Bernard whistle-stop tour of South London’s finest eateries. When you venture out to your local eatery, remember to loosen those purse strings and tip heavy because after all, what would South London be without our beloved restaurants? 

That’s all for today folks.

Much love, the Meet Bernard family.

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