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MB Introduces: Fresh From New York

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New York City has always fascinated us: from high-rise opulence to downtown hipster-chic, there’s a slice of the Big Apple for everyone. As America’s original melting pot, New York shows that style and culture compliment each other perfectly, and that's no better represented than in the brands they produce. This week we're proud to shine a light on two Meet Bernard brands we love, both from NYC: one brand new arrival, and one old familiar. 


New to our shelves is Knickerbocker, a factory-born brand from New York City. Launched in September of 2013, Knickerbocker set out to create a modern menswear company steeped in the roots of classic American style. We think they've more than succeeded: from timeless tees to sturdy sweatshirts, their combination of unchanging utility and lasting quality is fused with plenty of flourishes that harken back America’s many rich subcultures. Their dedication to sustainability and transparency also gets a big MB tick: you can find the supply chain for every piece they produce on their.

From staples to stand-out pieces, Knickerbocker is the ideal brand to beef up this summer’s sartorial arsenal.  Check out our range now.  


A gifting favourite that we've stocked for some time now, Craighill’s beauty lies in its simplicity. Their collection features a range of timeless yet curious crafted metal objects: from satisfyingly frustrating puzzles to elegantly engineered keyrings, Craighill boasts the accessories that bring a little sparkle to your day-to-day. In their pursuit of brightening up our workspaces, they’ve coined the term ‘deskscape’, a welcome concept for the WFH heroes amongst us.

Although travelling to the isle of Manhattan isn't something we'll be doing any time soon, you can get a taste of the city's style on the site and, finally, in store now! Reopening's been a real treat: we can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces. 

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