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Let's Reintroduce Ourselves: Our new look, and looking ahead

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We've been brushing up the store and we've got that feeling. It's that post-cold shower feeling. That fresh-back from the barbers feeling. It's you, but just slightly upgraded. ‘Oh, don’t you look nice?’, they say. And they’re right


Over the past few months, the team here at MB have been working towards this for ourselves, a slightly new look for our photography and brand that’s true to the heart of what we know Meet Bernard is, but with a little more oomph. We’ve been working hard with friends old and new to give things a little bit of a spruce up, and we’re really pleased and proud of what we’re working towards.


Meet Jed, Felix, and Harry. They're showing you their best 'sitting in a chair' pose. Don't they look nice?

Jed wears Portuguese Flannel shirt, Nudie jeans, and Shoes Like Pottery trainers. Felix wears Stine Goya blouse and Nudie jeans. Harry wears YMC overshirt, Edwin jeans, and Saucony trainers.

The theme for our upcoming Autumn/Winter campaign this year is ‘Wrap Up 2020’ (and you'll see more of it soon). This speaks to a sentiment we’re sure a lot of you share – the end of the extremely 'mixed bag' that was 2020 is almost upon us.

And we love this time of the year. Lots of layers, staying cosy, giving gifts and sharing things with the ones we love. To us, fashion is communal: what you wear says a little bit about who you are, and to bond with someone over a piece you both love or to give someone something you know they’ll want to wear forever is something that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. Though we might be ‘wrapping up’ the year, we won’t ever be calling a wrap on great style. 



Meet Felix (as styled by Dani). She's wearing American Vintage jumpsuit, Gestuz jacket, and Karhu trainers.

One key person involved in this reimagining process is our new photographer (and long-time friend) Clara Blomqvist. Hailing originally from Sweden, but a long-time South London local and mum, Clara's worked with big names like ASOS to create engaging imagery that’s more than just models standing around looking bored. Her eye has helped massively in the way we approach how we style and shoot our products – changing things like angles, crops, or the way a model stands or moves, completely changes the composition of an image, and the way an item of clothing looks to you, our audience.



 Meet...the creative process.

When speaking to Clara about this, she tells us “the brands Meet Bernard have are cool, and a little more luxe than some of the brands I work for. They’ve also got a much wider audience, so I wanted to make sure it didn’t look too ‘young’, just relaxed and casual in a way that appeals to all of the kinds of people that shop here.” Both Clara and Team MB made our own collection of references and compared and contrasted, settling on a look that’s both clean and simple but with a little more character, a little more room to play around and have fun.

Before the lighting looked quite shadowy, and the look wasn’t quite right,” Clara says. “I wanted to make it more like daylight, and to use models with the right vibe, and more interesting shapes and cropping to make it look more engaging on the website." We’ve also invited some new faces to model for us – you may have already seen them on the website and on our social media, but we’re excited for you to see more of them. We’d never pick anyone that we didn’t like, and we like them all (and we like how they look in our clothes, which is just as important).


Meet Jed (as styled by Ryan). He's wearing Universal Works fleece vest, Folk trousers, Folk overshirt, Armor Lux t-shirt, and Shoes Like Pottery hi-top sneakers.

The world’s changing fast right now. Nobody’s quite sure where they’ll be from one week to the next, and it’s no different for us.

Small businesses have been hit harder than most, so we want to end this on a big thank you: thank you for shopping small, for sticking around, for helping us see this year to a close. We’re so pleased we’re able to bring you a little fashion-y escape every day, and we hope you stick around to see what AW20 has in store.


Team MB x

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