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Celebrating The Modern Man

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First impressions count.

They make deals, form relationships, launch partnerships and even build families.

Last Thursday, the 5th October, we held a celebration to honour the modern man. Invited were a select few of our favourite chaps, all dressed to impress and chill out. Offset by a fresh playlist, curated by our own in-house DJs; we showcased some of the most stylish items of our AW/17 collection. We even invited one of London’s most talented barbers, from ELP Barbershop no less, to keep our gents looking slick and smooth. As the night drew in and the traffic shuffled by, we exchanged stories of style and wisdom, sipping on refreshing variations of pale ale from our friends at Hop Stuff.


At Meet Bernard, we’re all about first impressions. We question the same old answers, so stand-up to stand out. One of our biggest fashion idols and long-time companions, Federico Ghezzi, arrived in a stylish combination of tan-leather jacket and YMC overalls, complemented by designer spectacles. He emphasised the importance of fashion in an ever-increasing uniform world. In a time of economic strain and increasing job competition, first impressions count and we want our chaps to go out there and make a lasting impression, from their top-hat to their bootlaces. Seize the opportunity.

Delving into the night, we gave our chaps an opportunity to try on some of the garments from our autumn and winter collection. All chaps were given an exclusive Meet Bernard goodie bag on exit, a stylish loot consisting of Carhartt key chains, Norse Project beanies and a Brixton comb (amongst other exclusive exclusiveness). Menswear fashion guru Dom was on hand to give his expert advice on the latest collection, he sported a pinstriped YMC Cool Hand Luke overshirt, with an unbuttoned Filson waistcoat. Very dapper.



Our AW / 17 collection encourages you to express your inner chap or chapette, combining workman-like quality with tailored style and sophistication. Our range of jackets, jumpers, hats and sneakers ensure you’ll be turning every head this autumn (all the while keeping you warm). 



At Meet Bernard, we’re bringing West-End fashion to the people of the South-East, showcasing independent, quality goods from the likes of YMC and Norse Projects. Whether you’re a working parent from Point Hill or a stylish student from Deptford Bridge, or even a radically re-dressed retiree from Blackheath, we want you to know that it’s awesome to be you. Represent.



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