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Ah, Carhartt. We go way back. 

We’ve been stocking Carhartt pieces for well over ten years, nearly 15 to be exact. We were the first stockists of Carhartt WIP in all of South-London, a badge we wear with pride.

In more recent years, we’ve been stocking pieces for her and the ladies dungaree has become one of our legendary items and certainly one of the best selling pieces in our store to date. 

It’s been a love affair between us and Carhartt since day one, so guys, we dedicate this piece to you.

We’ve followed Carhartt’s twists and turns in style and cut, colourways and fabric and always been so impressed with every new season. 

A few things have remained the same throughout that time, and those are the reasons why we’ve been partnering with them for so long. It’s why Carhartt has such an important presence on our shelves and rails. They’ve always been a staff favourite. 

Carhatt’s unbelievable quality, the bravery to try new things and the honest, hard, local goodness that runs through everything they do and strive to be; are the reason we love them so much. They’re an American workwear brand through and through, we respect that.

They emulate much of what we stand for and they have always been one of the standout brands that have not only driven the workwear scene into the stratosphere, but also inspired many others to source the best material and make beautiful fashion away from the high-street. 

Now, before we share our latest and freshest Carhartt drops, a pit-stop history on Carhartt for those not in the know:

Their headquarters are in Michigan, USA and they were founded by Hamilton Carhartt. Hamilton’s ambition was to make clothing for all, but specifically to make hard-wearing items for American workers and manual laborers; that’s why the quality of their Work in Progress range is still so high to this day.

Carhartt has garnered an almost cult-like following in the last few years, really rising to fame in the UK as both the girls and the gents love the honest approach to style and quality, combined with the robust nature of the materials used. 

They are also the kings of value and really rose to prominence thanks to the low-price and premium material. If you want a life-long tee, overshirt or pair of paint pants for less than a hundred bucks, Carhartt have always been your go to guys.

We wanted to give Carhartt a special shout out in this piece but also remind you wonderful readers of the latest Carhartt WIP pieces to land in our little store this Autumn and Winter.

First up, we’ve got the awesome Madison Cord Shirt in the light grey colourway, a staple piece as we move into the cooler summer days and into the Autumn, this button down is perfect for all-weather use and the washed grey can be worn with trousers, chino or denim. Carhartt are the Over-Shirt Gods and have pioneered the American layered look for years. 

Next, the Reno Over-Shirt in brilliant mustard, this has been a key move for Carhartt WIP over the years, being bold and adventurous in their block colourways. A great overshirt to be worn buttoned up, or open with a white tee underneath. 

Lastly in our mini-shirt drop, is the Tony Over-Shirt in duck blue; another staple item as the summer months begin to level out and that sun begins to trickle away just a bit earlier each week. This is a real beauty, 100% cotton and made to last. 

We’ve also got a wicked pair of pants, the Lawton Skate Pants, and these bad boys have dropped into store in a very nice slate colourway, perfect to be paired up with a Carhartt WIP white tee or any of our button downs mentioned earlier.

The brand Work in Progress or Carhartt WIP was launched by Germans Edwin and Salomee Faeh, designers specializing in denim.
They discussed representing Carhartt in Europe when they visited the United States in 1989 (100 years after the company was founded). In Europe they started by selling Carhartt's authentic workwear but after a few years they were granted a license to create their own lines of clothing under the name Carhartt Work In Progress designing for a more Europen market. This is what we stock...

Carhartt WIP’s most famous piece is probably from the London riots of August 2011, when the Carhartt WIP outlet store in Hackney was looted as thousands of pounds' worth of stock was stolen. The brand released a T-shirt with the now-iconic photo of their storefront mid-looting.

Speaking of cool Carhartt WIP tees, we’ve had some drop into the store from the latest Carhartt collection. They come from a collaboration with Matt Martin who is a London-based artist, photographer and curator. For the past seven years, he has intermittently been hopping over the Atlantic to document various facets of American culture in his own lo-fi style. 

Make sure you drop into store to check out our latest Carhartt WIP pieces. Grab any of the staff if you’d like to chat a bit more about Carhartt and what they stand for, they’d be dying to tell you.

Here’s to the next fifteen years!


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