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Meet Bernard Boat Floaters - January 2019

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Meet Bernard Boat Floaters - January 2019
You've probably heard as you come into the store that we love our music here at Meet Bernard.
Well, to let you into a little secret, we've had our playlists specially curated by one of our customers and designed for your listening pleasure.
Many of our customers have been asking: "What are these tunes and where can we get a slice?"
Well, we thought it was about time we started sharing those gems with you. All will be revealed.
Drum roll, please, as we introduce the Meet Bernard Monthly playlist, a playlist on Spotify that you can subscribe to, share, feedback on and even contribute to ... we want to hear your suggestions. Hit us up on Twitter to send your track suggestions (@MeetBernardLDN).
Some of the tracks will be old, some will be new, some will get you shimming around the kitchen and some will make you blue.
One thing they have in common is that they will all be top notch, first-rate, back-of-the-net tuuuuuunes.
This superb selection of delights is compiled by friend of the store, DJ and former music journalist Ollie Pickup.

Take it away, maestro ...  

"I was delighted when Ryan approached me about crafting playlists for Meet Bernard," Ollie says. "It's an honour to be associated with such a local, thriving independant store. And now I'm pleased to be able to share some of my favourite music with the Meet Bernard readers and customers.
"As some of you may have guessed, the name 'Boat Floaters' simply derives from the fact that these are tunes that float my boat at any given period. The tracks are an eclectic mix of genres and ages – most new, but others are decades old that I have stumbled across recently. 

If you'd love to share the love about a particular tune, or you'd like to suggest a couple of tracks for the upcoming month, hit us up.

Before we dive into the Jan playlist, I'd like to thank Ryan for the opportunity to play DJ. Big love. 
For my first Meet Bernard playlist, and because it is January, I've selected 30 tracks that floated my boat across 2018 – bar a couple of newer discoveries.
Typically, there are all sorts of flavours: Brazilian; reggae (Jennifer Lara's I Am in Love is Ryan's favourite); plenty of electro; some drum and bass; funk; downtempo; hip hop; jazz ... and more.
"Right now I'm totally digging The Rideout (featuring Saxxy Soul), if only because it is by a guy with the gall to label himself The World's Freshest DJ.
And Evan Finds the Third Room, by Khruangbin – what an album they launched last year – is one of my most-played tracks of 2018.
"Next month will be a more current selection, but I thought this playlist would be a good introduction to my music tastes. Looking forward to your thoughts and feelings. Yours in music, Boat Floaters (Ollie)."

Great to Meet you..!

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