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Boat Floaters - March 2022

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Here’s your exclusive Boat Floaters 35-track playlist to celebrate March, and the start of spring.

It’s a time of new beginnings for sure, with shells raining in Ukraine, alarmingly, and – in some twisted cosmic logic, on the very same day Russia’s invasion on its neighbouring country was launched – all coronavirus restrictions ended. What a weird time, in a weird decade.

Fittingly, I’ve started this month’s playlist with Ron Basejam’s Into My Life, which I adored when it came out a decade ago. I was pleasingly reminded of it recently, and it’s gained a decent about of airtime in the last few weeks. It’s best listened to with eyes shut, and ideally after a toke. 

Then we move on to the first of quite a few covers. Tamba 4’s short and sweet version of California Soul sets an upbeat tone. Next, One Blood’s reggae take on Be Thankful serves as a reminder to us all. Other class covers in this month’s selection include Kimiko Kasai's version of Herbie Hancock’s As, Tammi Lynn’s uber-sexy Light My Fire, and a stunning reggae version of Lay Lady Lay by The Dynamics. 

There’s plenty of more reggae, soul and funk besides. Other highlights included the newly released Lee Fields (what a legend) tune, Ordinary Lives. Newly released but dusted off after being forgotten about for decades. The genuinely new release from DjeuhDjoah and Lieutenant Nicholson, Pas si Vite, is typically cool. 

And, I’ve included a decent amount of hip-hop and jazz this month, too. Hope you enjoy the ride, and stay safe, soldiers.

Yours in music, Ollie (Boat Floaters)

Listen to March's Boat Floaters here.

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