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Denim Guide

At Meet Bernard we stock a range of premium denim brands. Edwin, Nudie and Kings of Indigo.

Whether you’re really passionate about jeans, or you just want a casual pair to throw on, we’ll find a fit and style of denim to suit you.

The Project

This is where it all starts. Think of it as the beginning of your own project. You're not just getting some jeans, but on your way to a completely personalised pair that will come to be a reflection of who you are. Everything from where you put your wallet and phone, to how you cross your legs over the course of the next 6 months onward will be reflected in your jeans.


Selvedge (sometimes can be spelt Selvage) is the ultimate prize when talking about denim. The term comes from a denim that is constructed 'the old way' on a shuttle loom. This produces tightly woven strips, which run down each side of the fabric and prevent fraying, unravelling or curling. Because the edges come out of the loom already finished, jeans made in this way are referred to as having a ‘self-edge’ – hence the name Selvedge. A pair of slevedge jeans can be identified by turning up the bottom of the jean and you should see a coloured edge on the side seam, different colours identify different factories where the jeans have been made, for example the rainbow selvage pictured above is exclusive to Edwin and have been made in Japan.


We would advise you against washing your raw denim for as long as possible. The longer you don't wash them and wear them the more character and personality you put into the jeans.

If your jeans need refreshing, bag them and put them in the freezer overnight. This kills the bacteria and stops the smells.

We would also advise against machine washing your jeans. Hand wash them in warm water in the bath with a small amount of detergent and gently squeeze the jeans. Rinse out using warm water then air dry. If you are going to machine was always do so on a cold short cycle and turn them inside out before putting them in the machine. Indigo dyed jeans will run so was separately. 

Our fits
Whether you like a classic comfortable straight cut jean or prefer something slim or even fitted on the leg we have something for everyone. A tapered fit offers you extra room on the thigh and then slims down from the knee to the ankle if you like a fitted look go for a slim taper, if you want something not too wide but not fitted at the bottom go for a regular taper.
Straight: Nudie Dude Dan.
Slim Tapered: Edwin ED-80, Edwin E-Modern Tapered (Japan)
Regular Tapered: Edwin ED-55, Nudie Fearless Freddie.
Slim: Edwin ED-85, Nudie Lean Dean.


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